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Hip Pain Doctor Near Crown Point

Hip Pain Doctor Near Crown Point

Our hips are responsible for our body movement. From sitting to running, our hip joints allow us to bend our legs and move about freely. When you’re dealing with hip pain, you likely cannot walk or stand up as easily as you used to. Don’t let hip pain stop you from doing what you enjoy. Contact a hip pain doctor near Crown Point to learn about potential treatments. The doctors at Motus Integrative Health know how to handle many kinds of chronic pain, including hip pain. We are looking forward to meeting you!

What Causes Hip Pain?

Like many other forms of chronic pain, hip pain has a range of causes that warrants a doctor’s attention. Motus Integrative Health has a staff made up of knowledgeable doctors: we will help you identify and manage your pain’s cause! First, you’ll come in for a physical evaluation and discuss your medical history. Then, we’ll see what is causing your pain and help you create a treatment plan. 

Your doctor may find one or more of these common hip problems:

  • Misalignment or dislocation. Your hip joint has a ball-like shape that fits inside a hollow joint. When these parts are not aligned properly, they may rub against each other. You may hear popping noises and feel pain, especially when you walk. 
  • Inflammation. Referred to as bursitis, an inflamed hip joint can come from anything that puts pressure on the joint’s soft protective tissues. This may be an injury, remaining in an uncomfortable position for an extended amount of time or other trauma. 
  • Tears. If you are an athlete, a runner, or anyone who frequently uses the hips, you are at a higher risk for muscle and cartilage tears. These tears can be very painful and take time to heal all the way. 

Fortunately, while all of these conditions may make your life more difficult to navigate, know that our doctors will help you heal. Since our pain treatments are noninvasive and have no side effects, there is little risk for additional pain and suffering. You will leave our office feeling stronger, healthier, and happier. 

How We Treat Hip Pain

When you visit your regular practitioner for help with hip pain, they will probably recommend one thing: medication. So many doctors rely on prescription drugs to treat their patients. Often, this leads to the patient’s needs being overlooked. 

At Motus Integrative Health, you will find natural pain relief instead. We will never prescribe you medication and send you on your way. Our doctors work with you through massage therapy, physical therapy, and more, until you feel like yourself again. Whether you’d like to try cupping, nutritional counseling, or something else, we will ensure your highest satisfaction. 

Manage Your Hip Pain With Us

Stop hip pain at Motus Integrative Health! We have a hip pain doctor near Crown Point who knows just how to get you back on track using a combination of advanced care and active listening. If you have any concerns, we will do our best to help you understand them. Schedule a physical evaluation by contacting us today.    

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