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Suffering from neck pain? If yes, you’re not alone. Millions of men and women around the United States suffer from neck pain every day, which can oftentimes be quite debilitating. Neck pain negatively affects your life in more ways than just physical pain, but by also causing undue stress, impeding your ability to work, putting you on edge and making it difficult, if not impossible, to get a good night’s rest. In short, it can greatly affect your life or the life of someone you love. Fortunately, Motus Integrative Health offers solutions to your neck pain. By visiting our wellness center, a Highland neck pain chiropractor can assess your pain and create a treatment plan.

Our Highland Chiropractor Specializes In Neck Problems

When the first seven vertebrae of the spine – your neck bones – are misaligned, or ‘subluxated’, they put pressure on the delicate spinal nerves within. This, in turn, causes muscle spasms and tension, which is what then causes your pain. There is a wide variety of reasons that your neck vertebrae can become subluxated. Improper posture over a long period of time, whiplash from an auto accident, repeated ‘hits’ on the football field, long hours in front of a computer screen, or something as simple as staring down at your smartphone all day, every day.

The bigger problem is that, if the neck bones aren’t put back into their proper position, they will start to break down, causing significant damage to the bones, more pressure on the nerves and, in time, severe, chronic pain that can make your every movement a lesson in agony. Ideally, you should seek treatment the moment you notice the pain. 

A Chiropractor Can Restore Your Neck to Normal, Eliminating Your Pain

Chiropractors specialize in restoring the normal position and curvature of the spine using specific hand movements called ‘adjustments,’ moving the vertebrae slowly but surely back into their correct position, similar to the way Orthodontists move your teeth with braces. This takes the pressure off the nerve and, in time, reduces and then eliminates your pain.

Chiropractic is non-invasive, safe for the majority of people (even children) and has been scientifically proven to work in multiple studies. With gentle, specific Chiropractic adjustments, our neck pain specialists will fix the problem that’s causing your pain, the subluxated cervical vertebrae, allowing you to get back to living a healthy, happy, neck-pain-free life, without risky drugs and surgery.

Schedule An Appointment To End Your Neck Pain Today

If neck pain is making your life miserable, schedule an appointment with a Highland neck pain chiropractor at Motus Integrative Health. Our neck pain specialists have the training, tools and skills to help you. If you’ve had an accident, suffered multiple sports injuries, twisted your neck in a fall or have bad posture, the good news is that we can return your neck to normal and give you your pain-free life back, without the need for drugs or surgery. 

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