Highland Chiropractor

Highland Chiropractor

Are you suffering from waves of pain throughout your back or your neck? Has your doctor told you that there is not much else you can do to reduce the pain? If this sounds like your situation, you should consider visiting a chiropractor near Highland. A chiropractor at Motus Integrative Health can give you a few healthier options that might reduce your pain much better than what your medical doctor could prescribe for you.

A chiropractor focuses on spinal manipulation to treat specific ailments, like lower back pain or neck pain. Note that a chiropractor understands how a patient’s range of motion is an indicator of the underlying issue. In addition to traditional chiropractic care, many chiropractors also learn to perform other non-invasive treatments like massage, and physical therapy. If you have pain that you need to manage, it will serve you well to visit a chiropractor near Highland.

How Can a Chiropractor Reduce My Pain?

A chiropractor can reduce your pain by manipulating your spine and neck. Your spinal cord is where the nerves send messages to and from areas of your body. Most of the time your nervous system is working fine, but if you are experiencing pain, something has gone awry, like an impinged nerve or a herniated disc. When the pain begins, you know that something is wrong.

Here are a couple treatment options your chiropractor can provide for you to reduce the pain:

  • Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy. Your chiropractor will use this hands-on therapy to alleviate your pain and increase your range of motion.
  • Massage. A chiropractor may give you a therapeutic massage or have a massage therapist on the team who will give you a massage to treat your pain and relieve stress.

A chiropractor has several therapies to use to get rid of your pain. If you are searching for a noninvasive way to relieve your pain, make an appointment to see a chiropractor today.

Contact a Chiropractor Near Highland at Motus Integrative Health Today!

If you are a Highland resident, you can find a highly respected chiropractor at Motus Integrative Health. At Motus Integrative Health, each chiropractor has been trained as a chiropractor and has taken many alternative therapy courses. Motus Integrative Health has two locations; one is in Schererville at 1425 Eagle Ridge Drive and one in Crown Point at 566 N. Indiana Avenue.

You can set up an appointment for either location right on our website by filling out the contact us form. A Motus Integrative Health staff member will be in contact with you soon to schedule an appointment for you to see a chiropractor at the location you choose nearest Highland.

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