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Motus Integrative Health is a leading health clinic that offers innovative treatments for chronic pain. Our Highland chiropractic services are exactly what you need to help you manage your pain. Whether you deal with a chronically painful condition or just have daily aches and pains, we are here to help. Our dedicated staff provides exceptional service at all times. We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with what we have to offer!

Reasons to Choose Highland Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic is one of the most effective ways to reduce your pain. It’s an excellent solution for individuals who are dealing with painful conditions such as:

  • Herniated Disc: Some individuals develop a herniated or building disc. This condition occurs when the soft, protective tissue between a spinal joint becomes dislodged, pressing on nearby nerves. Chiropractic can help relieve pain and increase mobility.
  • IBS: Chiropractic care is even effective for some health conditions like IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome. If you have IBS, you understand just how bad the pain can be. Fortunately, chiropractic care can help relieve the pain and discomfort, helping you live your life fully each day.
  • Neck Pain: Neck pain is very common, especially in people who are stationary all day. If you work a desk job, you may develop neck pain due to constantly sitting in at a computer. Poor posture, as well as sleeping position, can contribute to this pain.
  • Sciatica: Most cases of sciatica are temporary and go away within a few weeks, but for others the condition is chronic. Fortunately, chiropractic is a safe way to help reduce the intensity of the pain. With the help of a chiropractor, your sciatic pain will be relieved.

Chiropractic is helpful for a number of other conditions, including back pain and migraines. Discuss your needs with our chiropractor if you’d like to learn more about this treatment option.

Our Other Services

Chiropractic is one of our most popular treatments. However, our physicians are certified in a number of other safe treatments. We have years of experience working with clients who are dealing with all kinds of chronic pain. Our team understands first-hand how differently everyone’s experience is, so we work hard to deliver a treatment that works best for you. You can choose from a long list of services, including physical therapy,  personalized medicine and so much more. Sometimes, we recommend trying a combination of treatments or will direct you to a specific one. No matter what your needs are, we will help you find a solution that works.

In addition to chronic pain, our team can help you with a wide range of health concerns. Your health is important to us, and we meet your needs by offering numerous services to help you improve your nutrition, reduce your toxic load, lose weight, and more. We encompass all of your most vital health concerns, so you can depend on us for the quality care that you need.

Choose Motus Integrative Health for Highland Chiropractic Services

Motus Integrative Health is your most trusted pain control center that deals with a range of painful conditions. Our Highland chiropractic services are among the best in the area. We are responsive, friendly, and do everything we can to help you feel better. Call us now to get in touch with our staff. We look forward to meeting you at your first appointment!

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