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Griffith Shoulder Pain Doctor

Often, shoulder pain is fleeting. Usually, it’s due to a minor injury or caused by poor posture. Rest and proper lifestyle changes can help mitigate the pain from getting worse. But what do you do when the pain doesn’t stop? Ongoing shoulder pain isn’t just inconvenient—it’s a sign that something’s wrong. Your best bet is to visit a Griffith shoulder pain doctor at Motus Integrative Health. We’ll see what treatments can help you get back on track to a pain-free life. 

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

Your shoulder is a delicate area, and you use it more often than you may realize. Every time you shrug, lift something up, do a push-up or some other movement you do in your daily life, you add strain and stress to your shoulder joint. Over time, especially if you have a shoulder injury, the pain increases with wear and tear. 

As such, shoulder pain is a common condition that is caused by a number of aggravators. Sprains, tendonitis, arthritis and dislocations are only a few of the many possibilities. Whenever you’re facing shoulder pain, you should have a doctor examine the area to see what the cause is. Identifying the cause helps our doctors create a treatment plan that works best for your needs. 

A Griffith Shoulder Pain Doctor is Here to Help

Regardless of what’s giving you a sore shoulder, chiropractic care is known for effectively releasing tension and pain in joints, including the shoulder. At Motus Integrative Health, you will discover a friendly staff of pain doctors authorized to perform many holistic, safe procedures that help reduce your pain. Chiropractic care is one of our most popular services, offering pain relief to those dealing with chronic pain. 

Chiropractic has grown in popularity recently, and it’s easy to see why when you try it for yourself. A chiropractic adjustment helps to recenter your body, which is particularly helpful for those experiencing pain in one specific shoulder. Additionally, chiropractic adjustments are effective in treating misaligned shoulders. A chiropractor can help get the joint back in its proper place, promoting better movement and long-lasting pain relief. 

Our Griffith Shoulder Pain Doctor Offers Ways to Heal

In addition to chiropractic care, Motus Integrative Health provides several treatments that effectively reduce shoulder pain. Our doctors will help you decide if these treatments are feasible for you:

Some individuals find that a combination of our services is best at reducing their pain. If you’re interested in trying something else in addition to chiropractic care, discuss your options with one of our shoulder pain doctors. It’s our mission to help you feel your best. We will carefully explain each of our services to you so you can work with us and create an effective treatment plan. 

Schedule an Appointment with a Griffith Shoulder Pain Doctor

Find relief from your shoulder pain at Motus Integrative Health. We have many holistic, safe treatments for common ailments. When you call us today, you can schedule an appointment with our Griffith shoulder pain doctor to have your pain evaluated. We look forward to becoming your trusted care providers!

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