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Griffith Chiropractors

Chronic pain is one of the most common health issues affecting individuals of all ages. Yet many people remain unaware of what’s causing their pain and how they can treat it without resorting to invasive procedures. Holistic treatments have increased in popularity as many people are seeking long-term relief from their symptoms. Motus Integrative Health is dedicated to your recovery. Our Griffith chiropractors work with you individually to help you explore all of the treatment options available. 

What is Chiropractic, and What Are the Benefits?

Chiropractic is a popular choice among people looking to reduce their chronic pain. At our pain clinic, we use these adjustments to relieve spinal issues and ease tension from a wide range of complications. We are dedicated to your goals, and we approach each case differently. Chiropractic is a series of movements involving gentle forces applied to specific parts of the body. The goal is to reduce pain and increase mobility after an injury or due to a health complication. The process usually involves several weeks of treatments, and many patients see long-term improvement as they continue to receive care. 

We begin with an initial consultation. One of our team members will discuss your health history and current ailments to develop an accurate picture of your wellness. Then, we will learn about what you hope to achieve—whether that’s pain management or improved mobility—so we can begin developing a strategy that improves your quality of life. Our doctors have years of experience in dealing with a wide range of health concerns and therefore have no issue developing a plan that works for you. 

The Benefits of Chiropractic

If you are new to chiropractic, you’re likely wondering what the benefits of this treatment are. Since many forms of chronic pain are related to unaddressed health issues and physical problems you may be unaware of, talking to a chiropractor allows you to have a better understanding of what’s causing your pain. 

A few of the benefits of chiropractic treatment include the following: 

  • Noninvasive. Many people are looking to avoid surgery and reliance on pain medications due to the many side effects they can cause. Chiropractic has no adverse effects on the body, meaning you can use it for a lifetime and only experience benefits. There are no invasive aspects to the treatment, either. 
  • Effective. When you’re in pain, you want something that works. It’s common for patients to try numerous pain treatments before finding something that works. Chiropractic should be the first option on your list. With little risk involved and plenty to gain, you will likely find the relief you need right at our office.
  • Safe for All Ages. Chiropractic is gentle enough to be used on infants yet powerful enough to treat spinal problems. People of all ages can receive chiropractic care for their health concerns.

Live Well With Motus Integrative Health

Motus Integrative Health is ready to make your goals a reality. Learn how you can actively contribute to the betterment of your health. Call to visit our Griffith chiropractors today.

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