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Griffith Chiropractor

Griffith Chiropractor

Standard medicine views health in terms of absolutes: you are sick, so you take medication or have a medical operation completed; then, if everything goes according to plan, you become healthy again. Here at Motus Integrative Health — and at other chiropractic providers around the country and the world — our Griffith chiropractor believes that health is a somewhat more nuanced state of being. Your vital systems may all be functioning, and you may be relatively pain-free; however, this does not mean you are inherently healthy. Stress, for instance, can cause long-term wear on your body and mind, despite not being a condition the traditional medical field has found a way to treat effectively. Lingering, chronic conditions can cause us distress and pain for years when left untreated. Beyond this, many of the conditions that the medical field does treat involve prescriptions and procedures that are harmful to the patient in the long-term, negating much of the good that the treatment promises. In some of these cases, chiropractic medicine seems to hold the key to long-term health and wellness.

Our Griffith Chiropractic Services

Located in the heart of Northwest Indiana, our advanced chiropractic facility offers many services to those who walk through our doors. Though pain prevention and relief is the heart of chiropractic service, we believe encouraging healthy lifestyles — whether that involves medical weight loss or stress relief — is the fastest way to accomplish that goal. As a result, you will find all of the following (and much more) offered at our facility:

  • Active release techniques
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Complex muscle stimulator
  • Dry needling
  • Chemical testing
  • Massage
  • Medical weight loss
  • Pediatric care
  • Physical therapy
  • Rock Tape
  • Wellness coaching

If you are interested in learning more about any of these techniques and procedures, give our office a call today! We’d be happy to explain the medical benefits of each, and the conditions they are best used for treating,

Conditions We Treat

The human body is a complex, intertangled web of different systems, all working in tandem to keep your body healthy and stable. With that in mind, symptoms often mislead, and can be the result of problems that are not initially clear. For that reason, it is important to do significant testing and getting a comprehensive view of our patient’s medical history, as well as a detailed description of the symptoms they are feeling. We also have an arsenal of tests which will help us determine the best course of action. And while patients walk through our door with new and unique challenges every day, there are a few conditions which we treat all the time. These include:

If you believe you are suffering from one or more of these conditions — or are experiencing chronic/acute pain in any other areas of your body, give us a call today! Our Griffith chiropractor has helped countless patients with their pain, offering comprehensive, noninvasive solutions which aim to heal the underlying condition causing your body pain.

Get in Contact With Us!

You can reach us by calling our NWI office, or by filling out our contact form online — just leave your name, number and a brief message describing your symptoms, and we’ll be in touch shortly! We look forward to minimizing your pain and maximizing your body’s natural healing potential! Here’s to a better tomorrow!

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