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Medical, chiropractic, and physical therapy services can all be found under one roof at Motus Integrative Health. With locations in Schererville and Crown Point, we have the opportunity to serve the region and reach numerous community members facing challenges and conditions that are impacting their daily lives. Our team includes chiropractic physicians, nurse practitioners, massage therapists, a physical therapist, and a personal trainer. With so much talent and expertise in one place, you will find that we are a top source for finding a sense of well-being and living life to the fullest.

Numerous Services Provided At Our Dyer Chiropractic Offices

We understand the everyone is unique and different and a treatment strategy should be as well. That is why we offer a range of services to our patients. Beginning with a free consultation, we will discuss what you are feeling and where in order to work on a plan. We can choose from a variety of tests to first determine what needs to be addressed and then we can select from many non-invasive techniques for treatment.

Just some of what we offer:

Food allergy/food sensitivity awareness: We can test for sensitivities or intolerance to more than 200 foods. Different than allergies, a food sensitivity often results in a delayed reaction that can occur hours or days after consumption. This delay can make it difficult for you to figure out you are having an issue, but can still cause symptoms, such as headaches, abdominal pain or bloating.

Nutritional counseling: We will help you take an honest look at your eating habits to pinpoint deficiencies and formulate a plan to eat better. Eating healthier can improve your well-being, lower your cholesterol and increase your energy level.

Injury treatment: Proper treatment after a work or auto injury is key to your best recovery. We are your top-notch rehabilitation center for comprehensive pain management.

Wellness coaching: This aspect of our services is where mind meets body. Our team will discuss all aspects of your life from stress to diet and exercise to truly understand your personal story and determine a course of action.

Personalized Medicine At Our Dyer Chiropractic Offices

We believe in a natural approach to health management. Our tailored approach focuses on you and your symptoms, pain, and lifestyle. Combining tests and techniques allows us to bring you your best options for care. We strive to target the root of your symptoms and educate you on how you can live your healthiest life.

Connect With Your Dyer Chiropractic Offices For A Boost In Well-Being

Are you ready for a conversation that will make a big impact on your daily life? Then reach out to us at two convenient spots in Northwest Indiana. Meet us at 1425 Eagle Ridge Drive in Schererville or call 219-322-6942. Meet us at 566 N. Indiana Avenue in Crown Point or call 219-213-2315. You can also fill out our online form.

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