Cupping Schererville

Cupping Schererville

Cupping is an alternative soft tissue therapy utilizing cups made from a variety of materials to create suction on specific areas of the skin. The vacuum created through the application of the cup causes an increase of blood flow to the area and can potentially generate new blood vessels, increasing circulation.

The treatment causes an accumulation of blood to the location that may result in some bruising but it is rarely sore or painful after treatment. Separation of adhered soft tissue layers can produce an inflammatory response causing the release of blood cells other healing chemicals to promote recovery.

Cupping therapy can even help to stretch the facial connective tissue to improve overall movement of the affected area and decrease tension throughout the soft tissue. The combination of these benefits leads to an overall decrease of pain and increased ROM within a relatively short time, usually about 5-10 minutes per area. Multiple treatments may be necessary to acquire lasting results but positive changes can be noticed following even a single visit. If you have additional questions regarding cupping or if it would be helpful for a specific condition please contact our office.

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