Crown Point Back Pain Doctor

Crown Point Back Pain Doctor

Crown Point Back Pain Doctor

When you’ve been experiencing back pain for several days, or the pain has grown so intense that it has begun to infringe on your daily activities it is time to take control! Debilitating or chronic back pain — whether caused by arthritis or a slipped disc — isn’t worth suffering through, especially when there are proven chiropractic techniques which may be able to help. The Crown Point back pain doctors at Motus Integrative Health draw on years of experience and a wide range of innovative techniques to help you reduce your pain.

Why Does My Back Hurt?

Though there are many reasons your back may ache, prolonged or debilitating pain usually has something to do with your spine. Often, pain results from stress on your vertebrae, the muscles surrounding them, or the cartilage discs between the bones. The last of these three is the most common and is often called a slipped or herniated disc. Poor posture or a sudden impact can cause your disc to shift out of place, putting additional pressure on your vertebrae and resulting in debilitating back pain to your spinal nerves. In other cases, pulled muscles or other issues with your vertebrae can cause long-term and intense pain. Whatever the cause for your pain, we use a variety of treatment options and excellent Crown Point back pain doctors to assist you! Contact us to schedule an appointment so we can determine the underlying cause of your pain.

What are My Treatment Options?

While many people believe that the only treatment available for severe back pain is through surgical intervention, many holistic and noninvasive techniques can result in a pain-free existence. If you are dealing with the intense pain of a slipped or bulging disk, our Crown Point back pain doctor will have many tools in their inventory to offer relief and healing. To begin, we will run a comprehensive examination, using MRI and X-Rays if necessary. Once we have developed a more thorough understanding of your condition, we will be able to recommend the next steps. Often, chiropractic adjustments and other range-of-motion exercises can help resolve your disc problem. Finally, we will help determine lifestyle adjustments which may prevent similar injuries in the future.

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If you are experiencing painful symptoms around your back, there are several treatments available at Motus which may help. Contact us today to learn more about our processes — just call and speak to our Crown Point back pain doctor about your symptoms. You can leave us a message on our website and set up an appointment for your initial examination and testing. Please reach out if you have been experiencing back pain: we can help.

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