Chiropractors in Northwest Indiana

Chiropractors in Northwest Indiana

A chiropractor is a professional within the healthcare system who specializes in neuromuscular and musculoskeletal dysfunction. Often considered an alternative form of care from the more traditional, allopathic medicine, chiropractors seek to improve the function of nerve, joint, and muscle through various manual techniques. Assessment and improvement of biomechanics are typically involved in the treatment of patients since improper movement can be a cause or effect of inadequate joint performance.

There are a variety of manual techniques that can be used to help improve a patient’s condition. Chiropractic adjustments can be performed with both high and low-velocity force, which are used to improve joint function and reduce possible irritation to nerve tissue. Soft tissue mobilization can be done with or without the assistance of tools to reduce trigger points and adhesions that can lead to pain and muscle compensation. Nerve flossing can also be used in cases where the tissue is entrapped, improving excessive compression or tension on nerves resulting in improvement of the previous dysfunction.

Motus Integrative Health offers superior chiropractic care for patients of all ages with a variety of conditions. Each patient is evaluated and individual treatment plans are developed consisting of multiple chiropractic adjusting techniques and soft tissue mobilization. Progressive stretching and stability training is used throughout treatment to improve underlying compensation or weakness that may be attributed to the chief complaint. Additional modalities are frequently used following treatment to help improve recovery time and reduce residual pain or tightness following treatment.

Due to the integrative nature of the facility, a patient’s chiropractic care can be supplemented with services from a physical therapist and/or nurse practitioner to assure a well-rounded approach to their overall health and recovery. At Motus, our focus revolves around the individual needs of each person and our resources are used to optimize overall function and improve quality of life.

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