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Is your shoulder still bothering you? Are you feeling pain in your knees? Does your back throb 24/7? When pain is persistent, it can wear you out. If you want to get back to feeling like you used to, find a highly recommended chiropractor by me. Motus Integrative Health has two locations in Northwest Indiana, one in Schererville and one in Crown Point. Both places have convenient hours and the chiropractor by me puts every patient first.

What Does a Chiropractor by Me Do?

A chiropractor by me focuses all his or her attention on a patient’s musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system is considered the body system that allows for support, stability, shape, and movement to the body. So think of your skeletal and muscular systems working in tandem so your body can move how it needs to whether to sit down or stand up, and anything in between.

Sometimes the connections between your bones and muscles, like your joints and ligaments will become impaired, and pain will develop. Pain always begins as an injury or inflammation in part of your body. Today you hear more and more how you want to avoid soreness at all costs. Your chiropractor by you will manipulate your spine to realign and will use specific therapies to alleviate the pain in your neck, lower back or anywhere where there is a pain in your body.

Therapies Used by a Chiropractor by Me

Remember that a chiropractor is not a medical doctor, so he or she will not prescribe any medicines for you. Many chiropractors work with MDs and can refer you to one if necessary. Most likely you are visiting a chiropractor by me because you are looking for alternative therapies to ease your pain. You may not want to resort to pain pills and surgery to cure you.

Some of the therapies that the chiropractor by me will use are the following:

Soft-tissue therapy: Soft-tissue treatment is applied to relax tight muscles, relieve spasms and tension in the fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds muscles.
Adjustments: Adjustments are manipulations used to realign joints and increase the range of motion.
Joint Taping: Joint taping is used by putting tape on sprained joints and muscles to provide added support so they can heal.
Exercises and stretches: Exercises and stretches are shown to you so you can maintain your mobility and range of motion.
Referrals to integrative medicine experts: Chiropractors by me often will refer patients to integrative medicine professionals who will work with you in terms of your diet and nutrition to reduce inflammation and assist with weight loss. 

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Contact Motus Integrative Health if you want to use the services of a skilled chiropractor by me to take care of your condition. In Northwest Indiana, Motus Integrative Health has two locations, one in Schererville, Indiana and one in Crown Point, Indiana. You can contact us at Motus Integrative Health by visiting our website and filling out the contact us form. We always are quick to respond to all our messages.

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