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Care for Knee Pain in NWI

Care for Knee Pain in NWI

If you have been dealing with knee pain, you know the impact it has on your life. You may struggle to stand up, bend your leg or walk. Everyday tasks may become difficult to do as they make your pain worse. What’s more, we use our legs for so many activities and tasks that it can absolutely complicate your life. 

Despite this, there is hope. Motus Integrative Health provides care for knee pain in NWI that quickly heals you so you can get back on track. Before you get that knee replacement surgery that your doctor recommended, try our natural pain treatments to treat your knee pain without causing unwanted side effects. We are confident that our pain doctors will be able to help you!

Common Reasons for Knee Pain

Knee pain has many causes that may be hard to discern. Sometimes, knee pain develops subtly over many years, while in other cases it is due to an injury or other trauma. Some common causes of knee pain include:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendinitis
  • Muscle tears
  • Sprains
  • Overuse

The most reliable way to determine what is causing your knee pain is to speak with one of the pain physicians at Motus Integrative Health. At your initial appointment, a doctor will perform a physical evaluation to see what is causing your pain and to decide on the best treatment plan. 

How to Treat Knee Pain

Since knee pain does not have a single cause, there is no universal way to treat it. We recommend discussing your pain with one of our doctors to determine which treatment would be best for you. Here are several possible treatments that may work for you.    

  • Medical Weight Loss: If your knee pain is caused or worsened by being overweight, consider trying medical weight loss. This method is very effective in conjunction with other treatments. Excess weight puts additional strain on your knee joints and ligaments, which makes the pain worse. Losing weight is an important step in managing knee pain. 
  • Massage Therapy: Massage therapy has so many benefits. In addition to relieving your knee pain, you will feel very relaxed afterward. With several types of massages available, we are sure you will find this treatment to your liking. 
  • Complex Muscle Stimulator: This treatment involves using a device that delivers electric pulses to your muscles to trigger specific nerve responses. The pulses are done in different frequencies to generate different responses based on the severity and type of pain.    

You may find a combination of these treatments most helpful. Plus, there are many more knee pain treatments available at Motus Integrative Health! Simply contact us today to see what else we provide. 

Get Care for Knee Pain in NWI Today

If you have been struggling to enjoy your life due to chronic knee pain, it’s time to treat it once and for all. Call Motus Integrative Health to get care for knee pain in NWI today. Our pain relief physicians will help you select the best possible treatment plan. 

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