Back Pain Doctor Munster

Back Pain Doctor Munster

Back Pain Doctor Munster

If persistent back pain has begun to affect your daily life, seeking help can be the first step to understanding the problem and getting you on the road to recovery. At Motus Integrative Health, our back pain doctors near Munster understand the importance of developing an individualistic treatment plan that works for you. Our professionals will help you understand the source of your back pain and begin taking steps to relieve it. 

Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is a common ailment that, according to Harvard Health, will affect as many as four out of every five Americans at some point in life. While many types of acute back pain will go away on their own, chronic back pain can have underlying sources that you’ll want to have assessed by a doctor. 

The most common causes of back pain include muscle injuries, persistent strain from excess weight, arthritis, or injuries within the spine or spinal nerves. In some cases, kidney pain can also be felt in the back. A doctor can help diagnose your condition by discussing your symptoms with you and performing a physical exam.

How is Back Pain Treated?

The best treatment for your back pain will depend entirely on its cause. However, chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation can be effective methods to relieve pain without the use of invasive surgeries or medication. Motus Integrative Health’s back pain doctors near Munster will work with you to understand the things that are causing your pain and develop a treatment plan that you are comfortable with.

Physical therapy, for instance, will help strengthen your body to relieve pain and prevent reinjury. Motus Integrative Health’s expert physical therapists will work with you one-on-one to develop an exercise plan that is safe and effective for your individual needs. By targeting the area that is causing your pain, physical therapy may be able to lessen your discomfort and improve flexibility.

Chiropractic Care for Pain Relief

Another effective way to manage pain is by seeing a chiropractor. Research has shown that seeing a chiropractor can even reduce the likelihood that you will need surgery or an opioid prescription. Not only is chiropractic care beneficial for treating back pain, but it can also be a useful method for treating other joint pain, headaches, and more. 

When seeing a chiropractor for pain relief, your doctor will typically use what is called an “adjustment” to restore function and movement in the affected area. An adjustment is when a chiropractor applies controlled force to a joint to push it just beyond its normal range of motion. You may hear a popping noise, like when you crack your knuckles. 

Scheduling an Appointment for Pain Relief near Munster

When dealing with back pain, it’s important to find a treatment option that works for your specific condition. At Motus Integrative Health, our Munster back pain doctors take a patient-centered approach that will help you understand your condition and take steps toward correcting the problem. You can learn more by scheduling a free consultation with one of our doctors. 

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