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A sore back is more than just an annoyance. Back pain sometimes becomes a debilitating condition that prevents you from actively living your day-to-day life. But you don’t have to live with the pain: solutions exist. At Motus Integrative Health, we believe pain relief should incorporate a whole-body approach. Our back pain doctor in Highland delivers individualized care that utilizes natural pain relief. We’ll help you feel better using chiropractic care and our other integrated services. 

What Causes Back Pain, and What Are the Symptoms?

Back pain originates from issues involving the surrounding muscles, nerves and spine. In some cases, back pain has no known cause. Some of the most common causes of back pain include: 

  • Pulled Muscles. It’s easy to throw out your back without realizing it. You get caught up in heavy lifting or another physically taxing task, and before you know it, you pull your back. Pulled muscles result from tiny tears in the tissues, leading to pain and inflammation that can last for days. You may also experience muscle spasms. 
  • Herniated Disc. A herniated disc can cause significant back pain. This condition occurs when the soft tissue that cushions your spine gets squeezed to the outside, triggering the surrounding nerves. 
  • Osteoporosis. If the body doesn’t create enough new bone tissue to replace the old tissues, your bones become weak and brittle, leading to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis in the spine can cause back pain. 
  • Arthritis. Osteoarthritis can affect joints throughout your body including your spine. For many people with osteoarthritis, back pain manifests in the lower back. Eventually, it can lead to spinal stenosis, in which the space around the spine narrows.

Depending on the cause of your back pain, your symptoms may range from mild to severe. Some forms of back pain, such as a pulled muscle, may present as a dull ache, while nerve pain may cause tingling or numbness in addition to sharp pain. No matter how your pain manifests, it can significantly impact your life. If back pain is holding you back, it’s time to speak with a doctor. 

How Chiropractic Can Relieve Back Pain

At Motus Integrative Health, we provide nonsurgical alternatives to resolving chronic pain. We believe chronic pain is effectively treated using a full-body approach. By restoring your flexibility and treating any underlying causes of pain, we resolve your condition at its core. Here’s how chiropractic helps those with back pain:

  • Spinal adjustments directly target pain at its source
  • Natural and non-invasive
  • Effective on back pain of many kinds, whether it’s muscular or arthritic in nature
  • Improves flexibility and mobility
  • Supports an active lifestyle, which may further reduce back pain

Visit a Back Pain Doctor in Highland at Motus Integrative Health

Take charge of your health at Motus Integrative Health. At our office, you can discuss your symptoms with a knowledgeable back pain doctor in Highland who will deliver the care you require. If you are ready to schedule a chiropractic appointment, call or message us today! 

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