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An accident of any kind can turn your life upside down. A single incident can cause debilitating pain and ongoing health issues. While it’s not always possible to prevent getting hurt, there are ways to cope with the pain that results at Motus Integrative Health. With our accident doctor, Dyer patients can find pain relief that works specifically for them. 

Common Health Problems After an Accident

Accidents of any kind can cause pain. From slip and falls to car accidents, injuries caused during these situations can cause lifelong pain. No matter what type of incident it was or how minor your injuries may appear, you need immediate attention. With proper treatment, most people recover in a few days to weeks. However, some individuals need additional treatment to overcome and cope with their symptoms. A few examples of potential complications after an accident include: 

  • Back Injuries. The spine isn’t designed to withstand heavy impact, which is why it’s common to experience back pain after you’ve been hurt. Collisions can cause spinal discs to rupture, resulting in severe discomfort. Tailbone injuries can also cause pain that radiates up the back. 
  • Broken Bones. Depending on the incident, you might have a broken wrist, ankle or rib. Falls are notorious for causing wrist fractures, particularly if the victim falls onto their hands. These injuries can be slow to heal and require attentive care to prevent future complications. 
  • Neck Injuries. Your neck is fragile, so when you sustain an impact from a fall or car accident, it can lead to lasting pain in your neck. Whiplash is a painful condition caused by rapid head movement that bends the neck farther than it typically should. 
  • Head Injuries. Always take a head injury seriously. Even if it doesn’t appear serious, you should get it checked out by a professional. Some head injuries can be traumatic, causing lifelong pain and even disability. 

 Whenever you have an injury, you deserve comprehensive care. Motus Integrative Health utilizes holistic methods to relieve pain and eliminate associated symptoms. Our accident doctor specializes in treating injuries related to such incidents and can get you down the road to recovery.  

Chiropractic Helps Your Body Heal

One of the greatest concerns following an accident is how the injury will heal. With the help of a chiropractor, you can feel better sooner. Chiropractic is a great choice because it doesn’t cause additional side effects, which is a benefit when you are already dealing with discomfort. Additionally, chiropractic is very safe and applicable almost anywhere on the body. A few of the benefits include: 

  • Quick appointments that take less than 15 minutes
  • Long-lasting pain relief that promotes better health
  • Reduction in swelling and inflammation
  • Safe for all ages
  • Effective on a range of health conditions, including joint problems, muscle aches, back injuries and more

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When in need of an accident doctor, Dyer patients can visit Motus Integrative Health to discuss their injuries. We deliver holistic health services that promote better health and are individualized to your needs. Call us today to schedule a consultation. 

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