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Chiropractic Care vs. Medical Massage: What’s Best For You?



It’s true that managing chronic pain is no easy feat. On the worst days, you may find it hard to get out of bed and complete the things you need to do. That’s why proper treatment is essential to living well. Anyone who is interested in holistic treatments has many effective options to choose from, including chiropractic and medical massage. At first glance, these treatments may seem similar, but they take different approaches to pain relief. 

If you’re having trouble determining the best solution for your pain, Motus Integrative Health provides the answers you’re looking for. Both treatments are highly successful and safe, and we can help you better understand the right choice based on your unique health requirements. Here’s what to know before deciding.  

What Are the Similarities?

When deciding between chiropractic and massage, it’s important to understand their overlap as well as their differences. Both treatments are holistic, meaning they use non-invasive techniques to treat pain. They are administered using a chiropractor’s hands to reduce stiffness, swelling and other symptoms. Both are beneficial for people who were injured in a car accident, sports game or have chronic health issues that cause them pain. 

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic provides numerous benefits for patients. A chiropractic adjustment targets pain occurring in the joints, muscles and injuries, making it a versatile treatment. Chiropractic is effective in reducing inflammation, which is associated with pain and swelling. As a result, you can enjoy greater mobility and less stiffness. 

Chiropractic is very effective for the following health problems: 

Benefits of Medical Massage

Medical massage is primarily concerned with treating conditions that affect the muscles and connective tissues, including the fascia. Myofascial massage is highly effective on health issues such as muscle tears, strains and other injuries. Techniques involve relieving stiffness in muscles by promoting blood flow to the affected area. 

Consider medical massage if you are looking for specific health benefits: 

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Better immune function
  • Improved blood flow

We provide several specialized massages that are helpful in receiving specific health conditions. For instance, our lymphatic massage is an excellent option for individuals with edema, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. 

Can I Receive Both?

Since chiropractic and medical massage both provide their own benefits, you may wonder if you can combine these treatments in your pain control regimen. The answer is yes: if you are dealing with a complex health condition, or if your pain is particularly severe, combining these treatments may provide additional relief. Chiropractic is primarily concerned with relieving pain caused by spinal and musculoskeletal issues while massage is often most effective for promoting better circulation and reducing muscle pain. Talk to our chriorpactors to determine the best possible choices based on your unique circumstances. 

Talk to Our Team to Learn More

If you or a loved one could benefit from chiropractic care, visit Motus Integrative Health. Our team will help you create an individualized pain management plan that prioritizes your health-related goals. Call our chiropractors to schedule a private wellness consultation.


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