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Motus Integrative Health is a full integrative health clinic bringing new and unique treatment options to the people of Northwest Indiana. Our Schererville, Crown Point and Griffith office locations are conveniently located to service the people of Northwest Indiana. Our patient-centered approach means our one and only focus is YOU! Our mission is to help you reach every goal and milestone that you can possibly think of, whether it be getting rid of your pain or climbing a mountain.

We emphasize three principles in our approach.

  1. Awareness: We help you become aware of the CAUSE of your problem, not just the symptom. (the What)
  2. Education: We help you UNDERSTAND what is happening, why it happened and what you can do about it. (the Why)
  3. Intent: Lastly, we help you figure out how to CORRECT the problem and live and move with intent so you can be the best possible version of you. (the How)

We do this by providing each and every patient with:

  • A High Quality, Extremely Detailed Exam
  • A Personalized Plan
  • 1 on 1 Treatment Unique to Each Individual
  • Emphasis on Active Self-Care

Our Services to Help You Reclaim Your Life!

What Does Motus Treat?

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